Thursday, October 18, 2012

Better Late Than Never Right?!

Well I must say this past summer has been extremely hectic.  If someone would have given me a crystal  ball and showed me just how busy I was going to be I still don't think that I would have believed them.  I had my second child, I moved...twice, and I got a new job in another state.  I've been so busy that I  completely forgot that I had two scheduled blogs to write.  Lets's not forget that 99% of my belongings are still in boxes.  As we speak it has officially taken me 7days to simply write this paragraph!  Honestly, I need to be sleeping because I have a MONSTER of a cold, but the kids and hubb is asleep so  I finally have some time for myself.  Ah, the life of a working mother.  Needless to say I am happy to have finally mustered up a little bit of time to talk about one of the events that I got to attend this past summer.

I really get excited when I talk about weddings, but this one even more so because my cousin was the one getting married!  Tara and Scott began dating in 2008 and have literally been two peas in a pod inseparable from each other ever since.  When I asked Tara how she envisioned her day she stated that she never really envisioned it before.  However, her event looked planned out as if she did.  The wedding was elegant and beautiful, and the reception was one of the best parties I have ever attended.  Donned out with adult drink party favors and graced with the calming colors of blue and white, Tara didn't have to envision anything over the top.  Their wedding was classy and straight to the point and even their wedding rings couldn't shine brighter than the smiles on their faces.

 The theme of their wedding was "Double Hearts: Two Hearts Coming Together as One".  Quite frankly, I am glad that they did.  Tara, thanks for choosing my cousin Scott and Welcome to our family.  Congratulations! (Better late than never right!)  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

A father who truly loves his daughter, will find no other man acceptable for her unless he realizes that, that man will die trying to protect her and make her happy just as he has for his entire life.

Dad's have different approaches as to how they will respond whenever their daughter brings a guy home.  I can laugh about this now, but when my Dad met my future husband Creg, he jokingly threatened him at the dinner table.  My mother chuckled under her breath, and reprimanded him in the best way she knew how in order to protect me from utter mortification (It was too late for that), and I looked at my father with steam coming from my ears.  He ignored us both and polite smile crept on to his face while they remained eye contact.  I think they communicated through telepathy or something that day.  I'm sure my father said to him, "This is my daughter, you better not mess this up and you BETTER not break her heart."  However, Creg wasn't intimidated and he probably thought back "You have nothing to worry about, and it's going to take a lot more than that to scare me away." From that moment on a level of respect has developed between the two of them.  My Father has grown to love and truly care for his "son" and vice versa.

I have never seen my Dad wear his emotions on his sleeve or have a more serious persona than that of my wedding day.  I remember when he came into my dressing room to give me one last kiss and he looked so sad.  I said "Dad, it's okay.  I'm STILL your baby girl."  He silently shook his head, hardly made eye contact, gave me a kiss and went back downstairs to mentally prepare himself.  I think he took the idea of giving me away a little to literal that day.  However, the time came when I was ready to become a Mrs. and there wasn't anything he could do about it.  My processional  began to play and we took the walk.  I was smiling, waving, and crying like I had just won the Miss America pageant, but not my Dad.  No polite smile crept on his face this time.   He sternly looked straight ahead and focused on my husband in the same way he did at the dinner table when they first met.  Only this time, the only one smiling between the two was Creg.  We approached the altar and he prepared to "give me away" until his joking side emerged again.  As my hand was about to leave my father's and hold my husband's    my father literally and lovingly smacked his hand away not once, but 3 times.  My guests laughed and I gave him the "stop it" look.  He then grabbed his hand, pulled him in for a hug and said something to him that I may never know.

My father was a trooper that day.  He gave a Father of the Bride speech that should go down in record books.  I don't remember it word for word and in retrospect I wish I had a videographer for that day just so I could here it again.  Yet, his speech was so meaningful that we were both crying and I was audibly sobbing.  I had never heard him say such admirable things about me before.  I'm sure that he has done so when he bragged about me with his Fatherly pride or had private discussions with my mother, but this was the first time that I had heard them.  When his speech was over he wiped his tears away and he  smiled, he shook Creg's hand, gave me a kiss and went back to his seat.  I knew that I had made him proud.

I just want to say Thank You for being there.  Thank you for the pep talks that I still get from you.  Thank you for making me come inside in the middle of my summer breaks from school just to do Algebra.  Thank you for telling me that "I Gotta Be" and "I can't fly with the eagles if I hang with the buzzards."  Thank you for teaching me how to respect myself and be a lady in the best way you know how.  Thank you for teaching me how to defend myself from the cruelties of the world by giving me a tough outer shell-- that is only to be cracked when necessary.  Thank You for being you and making me into the person that I am.   Because without you, I wouldn't be.

Love Your Baby Girl,


Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Few Questions for David Tutera!

We asked Celebrity Wedding Planner and Televison star David Tutera "How did he get started wedding planning, and how did he become such a powerhouse?" Want to hear his answer? Watch the video below, and don't forget to follow us on twitter @yourenchanted

Friday, January 13, 2012

::Going Green::

Over the years we have been hearing more and more about how to be good to our environment and how to become eco-friendly.  I recently discovered that on "each one of the 2.5 million weddings this year in the United States will produce an average of 63 tons of carbon dioxide and 400-600 lbs of garbage."  For what's supposed to be the most beautiful day of your life, that sure is a lot of ugly damage being done to our earth wouldn't you agree?  

Well, about a week ago while scouring my twitter timeline I came across a dress designer by the name of Chrissy Wai-Ching. I decided to click on the link to her website  and my mouth fell to the floor when I saw her gowns.  I mean, these designs are fascinating and I have never seen any thing like them before.  They are not your typical bleached white wedding gown!  They are sexy, elegant, and they pop with color...LITERALLY.  With further research on her site I discovered that her dresses are eco-friendly as well, and you can't get any better than that.  This inclined me to call Chrissy personally just so I could learn more.  She was more than happy to talk to me and explained  how her dresses created  a tiny carbon footprint.  Her gowns are created from organic silk or hemp and are hand-dyed using all natural dyes.  The Zolotova dress (the gowns that are featured below) are a collaged style created from salvaged pieces of other dresses that would have otherwise been disposed.  And, while most gowns are are shipped across the globe these are created right at her design studio in Seattle.  Here's the kick, she doesn't only feature wedding gowns, but she also sells evening gowns and dresses (think about bridesmaids or a wardrobe switch during the reception), kimonos (staying true to her Chinese heritage), shawls, ring bearer pillows, and ties for the groom.  

These gowns are sure to wow your guests and will definitely have them talking well past the last dance.  I've been married for 2 and half years now, and if I would have found these gowns back then I think I would have been the bride who says "This is the dress!" and cried at my first fitting.

--Happy Gown Hunting....Go Green

statistics courtesy of: Green Bride Guide

Sunday, January 8, 2012

This left me BEYOND speechless. I'll let the pictures do all of the talking!

Oh my gosh....Talk about inspiration and beauty?! I had to reblog this post of Style Me Pretty's Best Weddings of 2011.  I am really speechless about all the details and beauty within.  If your getting married or know someone who is, do yourself a favor and click the link for some inspiration! You'll be happy that you did!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 25 Bridal Trend of 2012 pt. 4

19.  Food Trucks.  Yeah, I said it.  I know your thinking "What?! Thats ridiculous!"  Which is part of the reason why I save this trend towards the end of the list.  I really needed to figure out how to make this alluring to my reader in the best way possible.  It's not my job to question the trend...I'm just reporting it so that you can stay well informed.  Needless to say, food trucks are definitely buzzing around at weddings this year.  Now I'm not talking about a food truck that you see on your average neighborhood corner every day selling hot dogs and 3 hour old pretzels.  I'm talking about but gourmet ones.  A lot of couples will be using them for outdoor weddings simply because it's quite convenient for their guests.  How nice is it to just go up to a truck and order whatever you want whenever you want right?  I like this idea because it brings a more relaxed vibe to what can be an uptight event (think garden party).  And if you think I'm losing my marbles on this one, I just thought I'd let you know that Celebrity Chefs/Caterers Jose Garces, Stephen Starr, and David Chang are all getting into the food truck industry.
Check out this article I found: Emerging Philadelphia Restaurant Empires Large and Small

20.  Family Heirloom Furniture:  As I said earlier, I love vintage things but I think this takes it to a whole new level.  If your having a small family wedding indoors or outdoors, perhaps you grandmothers wooden chest freshly polished can hold the place cards and guestbook, or an old hutch can hold your specialty drinks.  Even if you don't have any heirlooms and this idea appeals to you, there is always thrift stores.  Take a look:

21.  Rustic-isms:  If your an outdoorsy person, this should appeal to you.  Think mason jars filled with floral arrangements,  wicker chairs, and wind chimes made of bottles hanging down from trees.

22. Old World Opulence:  This is another idea stolen from the Royal Wedding.  Colors like gold and ivory would be your theme, heavy card stock invitations with over the top hand written calligraphy and large hanging chandeliers.

23.  Custom Made Dance Floors:  This one is for the bride who wants it all, and can afford it all for that matter.  While the cheaper alternative suggests getting your monogram illuminated on your floor.  This idea can have your initials in your floor permanently.  If that's your style.

24.  A Different Type of Destination:  Again, this is for the bride who has a lot of money to play with.  Weddings are being taken to a new level and being held on top of Elephants in India, or at the Colosseum in Rome.  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did it!

25.  Last but not least....Making your wedding a personal brand.  It let's your guests know who you really are a couple.  Whether it's a royal theme, vintage-rustic, or full of vibrant colors.  Showing off what makes your event personal for you, and letting the charisma shine through is the best trend of all and one that I don't see going anywhere anytime soon.  Let everyone know what make you...YOU.

There it is; the Top 25 Bridal Trends....Happy Planning!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 25 Bridal Trends of 2012 pt. 3

13. Look for bright and flamboyant color combinations to turn heads and brighten the day. Think about eye popping oranges and yellows, electric fuchsias and reds, peacock palettes, bright royal blues and even brighter golds.

14. Chalkboards: I know your probably thinking "ummm, seriously?!" Yes, I'm serious and I for one am all for things that are different. As I said earlier, letting your guests know your personality really makes your wedding a memorable day. Especially when it comes out in the original, cute and quirky fashion. Details like seating, drinks that are in your bar, or the menu for the night can be written in beautiful calligraphy with a permanent pen. That way you don't have to worry about little hands touching it or it accidentally being rubbed off.

15. Diamonds, sparkle, and all things BLING! Need I say more? Shiny stones can be added to cakes, bouquets, table decor. I think it adds that special wow factor long as you don't over do it.

16. Centerpieces...that hang from above. Flowers, lighting and yes... bling can be hung from centerpieces to add fancy flair to your event.

17.  Vintage, Vintage, Vintage:  I love nostalgic things.  Victorian dresses (see #1), brooches, birdcage veils, pearls.  Think of  fashion was from the Roaring 20's.  Or, if that's not your quite your style maybe you have an older relative who can't make it your wedding.  Perhaps you can honor them by incorporating their picture  in your bouquet.  You can't get anymore vintage than that.

18.  Couple Trivia:  Add an extra quirk of fun to your wedding by teaching your guests somethings about you as a couple that they never knew.  How did you meet? What's your favorite song?  Where did you get engaged?  Facts like these on beverage napkins are great for conversation during cocktail hour and keeps your guests interacting with each other.